Danish estate pipe: Poul Rasmussen

Today’s pick is this rare Danish estate pipe by pipemaker legend


A really unique pipe from a legendary period of pipemaking…

A rarity for pipe collectors from Danish pipemaker legend Poul Rasmussen

A rare estate pipe from Danish pipemaker legend Poul Rasmussen

This is what the seller says about this pipe: “Unique pipe made by danish pipemaker Poul Rasmussen … his pipes are rarely seen and the only ones I could find cost close to $2000 so this price seems very fair It is in extremely good condition and havent been smoked much. It has slight burn at top. It is only marked with the red/white paint dots at stem and it is absolutely straight grain.

Size is head 2 inch tall length is 5,5 inch. “

Background info on Poul Rasmussen

for those who do not know the name ;-):

Poul Rasmussen was one of the biggest names in Danish pipe making history. He worked as a foreman in Suhr’s pipe workshop and later on established his own pipe manufactury  in Hornemannsgade.

His pipes are usually stamped not with his name, just with the red-white dot, which later on has been used by his widow Anne Julie and sometimes is attributed to Suhr’s workshop as well.

Poul Rasmussen pipes are “classics”  and not following the playful twists of fashionable design.

Pipemaker legend Poul Rasmussen at work, maybe making the pipe we are writing about today ;-)

Special techniques to enhance the looks of the briar’s grain and a certain “something” (like perfect balance and slightly slanting bowls) still make his pipes unique, even if many of the designs are very much alike to mass-manufactured mainstream pipes.

Poul Rasmussen has inspired and taught many famous pipe makers, among them Emil Chonowitsch, Jess Chonowitsch, Bjorn Bengtsson, Tom Eltang, and his wife Anne Julie. When he died  in 1967, one of his pupils wrote: “His biggest importance for the future of Danish handmade pipes is that from his workshop have come many of our most skilled pipe artists, who can thank Poul Rasmussen for their knowledge and ability. They now work individually on the basis he created.”

This is the man who made this wonderful pipe.

The seller asks for $1345 with free international shipping, which seems to be reasonable (while some folks see pipes as an “investment”, we strongly advice not to do so… only pay, what you gladly pay for an outstanding piece of art that you will USE, not for gaining potential profit….)

Fallen in love? Check if this gorgeous beauty is still listed or already gone (hint: additional pictures in the auction listing!):

Poul Rasmussen Estate Pipe sales on estatetobaccopipes.com – >>> click here! <<<

Disclaimer: As with most pipes featured in this blog: we are NOT the seller, we can not answer questions about the item, and we are not responsible for any misrepresentations or facts the seller published. Check out the link, see, if the sale/auction is still available, and make up your own mind.


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