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Monday Money Shocker: 10,000 bucks for a PIPE? Larson Straight Grain Collector’s pipe

OK, after someone recently pointed it out on Reddit – I think I have to showcase this pipe.

A real bargain, a real stealjust 10,000 Dollar. ;-)

That is more than the majority of people on this world is earning. Per year.

Unusual construction, great craftsmanship, perfect pipe maybe - but 10K bucks? seriously?

Unusual construction, great craftsmanship, perfect pipe maybe – but 10K bucks? seriously?

Anyways – beyond the envy or morality (I am actually no big fan of both – if you want to have such a toy – DO IT!): what does make a pipe so expensive?

Nothing “objective”, or at least not a lot of that. Yes, it is a Danish collector’s pipe, a very special Larson Straigth Grain. It may be unique and extremely rare and in great condition. The grain may be perfect, the craftsmanship as well. The complicated anatomy of the pipe (removable wooden cap) might add a few bucks on top.

But 10K bucks?! Seriously?

Let’s be clear on it: this is “Art” pricing. Irrational at best – like those nonsensical paintings traded for 10s of millions of dollars… You can not argue about it.

If you like it and have the necessary change: why not. For those who want a beautiful pipe that smokes great and is not seen at every street corner – there are many good choices for 1/10 of the price and less. Both types can be found on our High Profile Estate Pipe Listings Page

From seller’s description:











P.S.:…oh, and in case you actually consider buying this pipe (or any pipe over $500, for that matter!) – me and a bunch of semi-stray cats and dogs here in Paraguay that I try to take care of will haunt your dreams if you do not donate at least ONE(1) percent of the purchase price to my animal charity  fundraiser on See, I knew you could do it… ;-)

P.P.S.: I wanted to discuss this sort of high-priced pipe sales and the “artsification” of the pipe market on Reddit, but the link got pulled because I had misinterpreted their blogger rules – and am too lazy to comply with rule fetishism or questionable demands like posting complete carbon copies of your own content… Instead feel free to discuss in the comments below – I would really be interested if you know of other pipe sales in the same price range or even in the 6-7 figure range…


Unusual Preben Holm Danish estate pipe “Caprice Tawny”

Preben Holm Danish Freehand Pipe masterwork

Preben Holm Danish Freehand Pipe masterwork

Preben Holm Danish estate pipes are among the most sought after freehand pipes, with some very unusual designs among them. Sometimes the surface of the pipe is artistically defaced, sometimes the whole form of the pipe is rather mind- and eye-bending… ;-)

I guess you either love them or shrug them off as “weird”. But they are definitely special and nobody has ever doubted the fine craftmanship and quality of the pipes with the “PH” stamp.

This Caprice Tawny seems to be a great pipe, and to be honest I wonder why it is listed at just $75 – from what I can see from the pictures in the listing it is in pretty good shape – but look for yourself.

You can find this and other Preben Holm pipes on our Preben Holm Estate Pipe listing page.

From seller’s description:

Preben has long been a benchmark of the Danish freehand, maybe it’s time you added one to your collection.This pipe is in beautiful very minty condition, smoked only a couple of times

Stamped – Preben Holm Caprice – Made in Denmark by hand Tawny 13
Pipe length: 5 1/2″
Bowl Height: 1 3/4″
Bowl Width: 1 5/8″
Chamber Width: 7/8″Chamber Depth: 1 1/2″

You can find this and other Preben Holm pipes on our Preben Holm Estate Pipe listing page.

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Radical Surgery, Amputation Extend Ben Wade’s Life

Nice article and very successful “operation”! May the pipe live long!


Patient in Operating Room for 14 Days
RP Blogger

(Albuquerque, NM, USA) Two weeks after entering a restorer’s shop for a routine checkup, a tall billiard was released following emergency surgery to amputate more than half of its upper bowl and perform cosmetic adjustments, the restorer announced Wednesday.

Claiming the likely sole previous owner of the victim, a Ben Wade Standard, was suspected of chronic abuse of the English-born pipe for an unspecified number of years, the restorer, who wished to remain anonymous, said the identity of the perpetrator remained unknown.

“This is the worst, most depraved example of tobacco pipe abuse I have ever encountered,” the restorer said. “The briar pipe presented with first-degree burns on the rim and a chamber stuffed with carbon cake as well as acute scratches, pits, gouges and grime covering the outside of its body, and other mayhem of the…

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Help me help these neglected pets!

We try, but we can not feed them all - let alone neuter, vaccinate, etc...

We try, but we can not feed them all – let alone neuter, vaccinate, etc…

I’d like to ask you to support my campaign.
This is a personal campaign by the webmaster of this pipe blog and all funds will directly help to feed, neuter and give medical care to a bunch of neglected pets in our neighborhood here in Paraguay! Updates, photos, video proof will be provided on an ongoing basis. Check out the campaign page for infos, more images – and to donate! Thank you for your support!

P.S.: if you can not donate – maybe you can help me out by sharing the campaign on your Facebook or Twitter – sharing buttons on the campaign page!

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