Win-Win offer: tobacco for tobacco reviews!

This could be me talking about YOUR pipe tobacco! :)

This could be me talking about YOUR pipe tobacco! :)

OK guys – classic win/win proposal!

You help me out – I help you out!

I am a fellow pipe smoker, author, and a few other things – a German expat living in Paraguay (that weird little country in the center of South America…). Most of my time is dedicated to voluntary work (environmental, animal rights, etc.), and I get along with a minimum amount of money (around 200-300 bucks/month, seriously.)

But that is not the worst part (actually I chose this and am not whining about it).

The worst part is: there is no freaking decent pipe tobacco to be found in this country!

People smoke like chimneys, but only disgusting cheap cigarettes.

SO. Here is the deal:

You send me a tobacco you want to promote.
I smoke it.


What do you get:

  • a short funny video review of your tobacco on Youtube, incl. a link to your store (or whatever you want to promote)
  • a review (with the video embedded) on my Estate Pipe blog ( AND on my pipe auction listing site ( – several thousand visitors every month, buying estate pipes and most likely in need of tobacco on a regular basis… ;-) )
  • a mention on my facebook accounts/pages.

Yes I know, that is quite a lot in exchange for a measly tin of tobacco – but you have to send it to me, so you have the trouble… :) …and I want to provide value in exchange.

Keep the package under 2 kg (helps with our corrupt customs…) and please declare as a worthless gift.

My address:

Martin Hoffmann
Calle Mil
Independencia, 9600 Guiara
(poste restante, Melgarejo)

… shoot me a message on FB or via email (, so I am warned and can bug the post office (postal service is a bit special here, like everything else…LOL).

Thanks in advance!
Martin the Wanderer


About Martin the Wanderer AKA "curlysmoke"

A smoker and friend of pipes, good sweet Danish tobaccos, and daydreaming. Author, self-development geek, calisthenics adept, treehugg'n shaman and a few other things. German expat in Paraguay btw - so be patient with me and my broken English

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