A Baldo Baldi estate pipe for 100 bucks? Probably not.. ;-)

Just imagine this beauty in your hands!

Just imagine this beauty in your hands!

Italian pipe maker Baldo Baldi is known for perfection, very clear and straightforward, but sometimes unusual pipe designs, – and not exactly for cheap smoking pipes.

Usually a Baldo Baldi on Ebay (if there are any at all) will set you back anywhere between 700 and several thousand bucks. So when I saw one in pretty decent condition listed at 100 dollars I almost got excited myself.. :)

Well, of course it is an auction, not a fixed price pipe sale – so you will most likely have to bid quite a bit more before this beauty belongs to you and may be caressed by your fingers and lips! ;-)

If you want to make this one yours or have a closer look at it (and surprisingly a few more Baldis that are listed at the moment) on our Baldo Baldi estate pipe listing page.

Quote from seller’s description:

Baldo Baldi

Very nice grain and in very decent condition, it seems

Very nice grain and in very decent condition, it seems

What can one say?  A Baldi is a Baldi.  The best wood, tight perfect straight grain with growth rings. . . impeccable design . . . wonderful craftsmanship . . . light weight . . . great beauty . . . and a pipe maker with the highest of reputations.

This pipe is nearly pristine . . . just a few light signs of tooth chatter on the under side of the bit and a tiny little ding on the inside edge of the rim, at about 6 o’clock. Otherwise, the wood is perfect.

All stampings are on the under side of the shank:  script B. Baldi with crowned       pipe, HANDMADE IN ITALY for Carmignani ROMA

This pipe has been cleaned by it previous owner but, as with any estate pipe, the buyer should clean it to his/her personal satisfaction before smoking.


longest dimension:  6”

bowl height:  1-7/8”

rim width:  1-7/8”

tobacco chamber diameter:  7/8”

tobacco chamber depth:  1-3/8”

Happy bidding and good puffs all day!

P.S.: missed the link? – here it is again –  our Baldo Baldi estate pipe listing page. We have also other listing pages with all sorts of estate smoking pipes sorted by maker/brand or type, very convenient to browse and easy to find the pipe that is still missing in your collection!


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