There are so many wonderful pipes out there… somewhere… from famous or totally underestimated pipemakers, from well-known brands or long gone pipe manufacturers… many of those pipes rot away in dusty recesses, but others find new loving owners via flea markets and auction sites, dealers, tobacconists and pipe wizards who carefully rework them.

We will pick ONE pipe (almost) every day and post it here. One that we like, that has a funny story behind it, that is prohibitively expensive or just an absurd bargain. Or that we just like. For some reason.

Sometimes just a picture, sometimes with a story or some background about the pipemaker and/or the history of the pipe.

Get some inspiration for your pipe collection!

And if you do not have enough pipes yet (and who ever has?!), – browse the current estate pipe listings on our estate pipe auction site.


Your team of pipe-nuts, namely Martin

Me, meh, with my dirt-cheap, but wonderful Lorenzo monster-pipe ;-)


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