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BIG Pipe Lovers – this Brakner Jumbo might be for you!

Brakner Antique Rusticated estate pipe

Looks a bit like the bow of a ship and is HUGE

Looking through the current listings and thinking about which one to present here today, I originally wanted to pick a US-made Boswell freeform pipe with a unique, natural design – but frankly it looked from the pictures that this pipe might be one of those where you have to invest loads of time and never get it back to a decent, smokable condition.

So instead here comes a Danish GIANT, a Brakner Antique that seriously rivals my own old Lorenzo “Titano” fattie.

The grain is still visible at the top

The grain is still visible at the top

It is HUGE, rusticated (but in a nice way that still shows the grain at the top and parts of the stem), has a clear, yet unique and impressive shape, and, did I mention HUGE? ;-)

Condition seems to be pretty perfect according to seller and pictures, so the asked price seems ok to me as well.

Check out this pipe and other Brakners on our Brakner estate pipe listing page! Click here!

Additional info / Quote from seller’s description:

Brakner started life as Peter Micklson (the change in name happened after his start in pipe carving) and at various points in the early part of his career worked under the likes of Sixten Ivarsson and Poul Rasmussen. The carver gained a considerable jump start to his career when the winner of the 1955 World Slow Smoking contest was won by a man smoking a Brakner pipe. While the carver created fine smoking instruments in three categories (The Bella Danica, The Royal Danois and the Antique), he is best remembered for the latter, which bears the rustication in front of you.Peter Brakner was another graduate of Poul Rasmussen’s “Suhr Pibemageri” (pipe workshop), whose foreman was the great Sven Knudsen. His work was featured prominently in the early Sixties in the Larsen catalog, before they began carving their own pipes, alongside Gert Holbek, Sixten Ivarsson, Sven, and others. He is best known for what I call his “microrustication” technique, which imparts a very interesting texture to the briar as shown on this example.

This Brakner Antique pipe is in superb condition with solid smooth walls, very clean and with the original clean stem.

I photographed it next to a Dunhill group 4 pipe so you can get a feel for it’s large size

Stamped – Brakner Antique Denmark – Hand Cut 812 – 37152

Pipe length: 6 1/2″

Bowl Height: 2 3/8″

Bowl Width: 1 5/8

Chamber Width: 13/16

Chamber Depth: 2

Missed the link above? Here it comes again –

You can view this pipe and other Brakners on our Brakner estate pipe listing page! Click here!


Radical Surgery, Amputation Extend Ben Wade’s Life

Nice article and very successful “operation”! May the pipe live long!


Patient in Operating Room for 14 Days
RP Blogger

(Albuquerque, NM, USA) Two weeks after entering a restorer’s shop for a routine checkup, a tall billiard was released following emergency surgery to amputate more than half of its upper bowl and perform cosmetic adjustments, the restorer announced Wednesday.

Claiming the likely sole previous owner of the victim, a Ben Wade Standard, was suspected of chronic abuse of the English-born pipe for an unspecified number of years, the restorer, who wished to remain anonymous, said the identity of the perpetrator remained unknown.

“This is the worst, most depraved example of tobacco pipe abuse I have ever encountered,” the restorer said. “The briar pipe presented with first-degree burns on the rim and a chamber stuffed with carbon cake as well as acute scratches, pits, gouges and grime covering the outside of its body, and other mayhem of the…

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Great value: Charatan big bowl everyday smoking pipe!

charatan big bowl estate pipeCharatan pipes are know to provide great value for reasonable prices – esp. if you can get your paws on an estate pipe in decent condition. This seems to be such a case:

Beautiful classic form, nothing too fancy, but one of those that really feel comfortable in your hand.

And not too small (we are not cig smokers, are we?) either.

And the price seems to be right as well – as I post this the auction stands at 60 $

Quote from the seller:

This Charatan’s Make Special pipe is in excellent estate condition. It has been lightly used, and there is some char around the rim of the bowl as visible in the photo but otherwise has no visible imperfections. It is approximately 6.5″ long with a 2″ high bowl. The bowl is especially large with a 1.75″ diameter and 1″ bore. A very fine and beautiful handmade Charatan.

Depending on when you read this – hurry up and check out our Charatan estate pipe listing page, if the offer is still up (there might be other great Charatans up for grabs as well!)

Charatan estate pipes on

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