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Sunday pipe: Cheap Churchwarden – Lucienne 14″ Long Brown Rustic Churchwarden

 A cheap, but very nice looking churchwarden from Lucienne. Not all pipes have to be made from Briar.

A cheap, but very nice looking churchwarden from Lucienne. Not all pipes have to be made from Briar.

Yeah, ok. Promoting CHURCHwardens on Sunday…cheap joke. Forgive the pagan… :)

Still: nothing like a Gandalf-y long, slim pipe. Esp. when you do not want to spend 5 hours sucking this giant hanger – but just want around 20-30 mins of cool, easy churchwarden smoking.

Here is one rather cheap churchwardens that caught my eye browsing our Churchwarden long stemmed pipe listings page.

At around 25$ for a new pipe you can not expect much in terms of great briar or perfect grain. Actually this pipe is made from “rosewood”. But it looks nice, I had several such pipes and some of them smoked really well (others I had to give to the dogs to chew them up…), and – well – it is not much money in case the pipe is not that great. Make it a gift for a beginner… ;-)

From seller’s description:

Lucienne 14″ Long Brown Rustic Churchwarden Tobacco Smoking Pipe – P520


  • Approximate Length: 14-1/2″
  • Comes in Nice Gift Box
  • This Pipe Take 9mm Filters
  • Features Detachable Stem for Easy Cleaning
  • Bowl made from High Quality Rosewood
  • The Long Churchwarden Pipe produce a Cooler Smoke due to the distance Smoke must travel from the bowl to the mouth piece
  • Long Pipes have added benefits of keeping the users face further away from the heat & smoke produced by combustion in the bowl
  • Very Strong & Durable, will Last Long Time 
  • The Box with the Velvet Lining makes it a perfect Gift for anybody !!!
  • Color: Brown Rustic

You can find this pipe and many more churchwardens on our Churchwarden long stemmed pipe listings page.


Cheapskate Wednesday – less than a buck: Iwan Ries Danish Tobacco Pipe and Medico Ventilator Pipe

Wednesday is cheapskate day on DailyEstatePipe! Rejoice penny pinchers. Pipes for less than a buck!

Dirt cheap and at least this strange "Ventilator" pipe is worth a try!

Dirt cheap and at least this strange “Ventilator” pipe is worth a try!

Find these and many more on our page with cheap estate pipe listings that are currently less than a buck on Ebay!

Fineprint: as usual we are not the seller(s), we just pick offers from Ebay that seem to be interesting. Extremely low priced pipes might be a great catch – or expensive firewood. Up to you! :)

That said, I came across this listing: 2 (two) pipes on auction, currently less than a buck! A slim and “ok” looking Iwan Ries pipe, and a rather unconventional “Medico Ventilator” pipe with a metal part in the stem that has openings to mix the smoke with cool air…

It’s an auction, so you might end up paying a bit more than a buck, but looks like a steal to me – this funny Venti pipe alone is an eyebrow raiser.

From seller’s description:

Offering 2 used tobacco pipes. One says “Iwan Ries Denmark, 218” the other one says “Medico Ventilator” both look to be in good condition. Sold as a pair and “as is”

Cheap estate pipe: Willard “Pot” refurbished

Not everyday is collector’s day. But every day is pipe smoking day. ;-)

So besides those expensive pieces of art that you can brag about on Facebook ;-) every pipesmoker needs a collection of less glamorous pipes that you can smoke while walking the dog or working in the garden, without having to worry if you have that insurance policy with you…

So here we have a really affordable

Willard “Pot”, refurbished and sanitized

And this is what the seller has to say about it:

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