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Tuesday Workhorse pipe: Savinelli Autograph 1998 Pipe of the Year

Nice Savinelli pipe for your everyday smoke!

Nice Savinelli pipe for your everyday smoke!

Savinelli pipes – usually no fuss, nothing fancy, decent quality, friendly pricing. Nothing overly “creative”, but great everyday smoking pipes. This pipe is no exception.

From the “Autograph” series, it was “Pipe of the Year” in 1998 (yay, long time ago, we were still young then… LOL – errrr, of course we still are!)

Wants? You can find the pipe offer on our Savinelli estate pipe sales/auction page. Maybe you have to browse to page 2, the listings are ordered by “time ending soonest” by default, and this one just went up!

Quote from seller’s description:

Very lightly smoked Savinelli Autograph 1998 Pipe of the Year. Great pot shape. Hairline scratch on stem, a few swirl scratches on the rim and a minuscule amount of rim darkening, otherwise perfect. Measures 5.5 inches by 1.75 inches. Ask questions if you have any.
Free shipping within the Continental US.


Sara Eltang by Tom Eltang Made in Denmark straight Billiard pipe

tom_eltang_sara_eltang_estate_pipeI usually dislike blasted pipes, but of course that is just a personal preference – I like to see the grain and have the smooth wood in my fingers. Practically sandblasted pipes smoke just as well, some say even better (due to the rough surface you have a slightly higher heat dissipation, resulting in a cooler burn – but I actually doubt if the effect is measurable…)

OK – enough introduction – here we go with our Saturday pipe: a really nice (for a sandblasted one, SCNR ;-) ) Tom Eltang pipe, stamped “Sara Eltang” (he dedicated a line of pipes to his daughter, and the stamp includes her name and the famous foot symbol).
Seems to be a great pipe and good value to me, but as usual – check out the listing for yourself, see the pics and make up your own mind!
Listing can be found on our Tom Eltang Estate Pipes listing page.

Quote from seller’s listing, I esp. like the part about “wifey’s super sniffer”, LOL

This is a gorgeous Sara Eltang made by Tom Eltang and is MADE in Denmark. Stock # R7

This pipe is a straight Billiard shape w/ a non filter conventional push type tenon

and it has a Lucite stem which is more bite resistant and doesn’t Oxidize.

This is one I can’t be sure whether it’s new or not.

It has no indications of ever being smoked, but Wifey’s super sniffer says she can smell

a faint tobacco odor so I’m calling it a used pipe.

It is one of many pipes I’ve been listing for my good friend Donald.

The Nomenclature on the bottom side of shank has an imprint of a foot print over





The pictures show all.

This pipe is,

5.525” long

1.97” tall

1.381” wide

.75” bore width

1.704” bore depth

34.36 grams or 1.212 ounces

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