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Monday estate pipe: STANWELL Royal Prince 217 Burly Grain FREEHAND Jess Chonowitsch

Beautiful cornucopia style Stanwell pipe!

Beautiful cornucopia style Stanwell pipe!

Had a hefty¬†nostalgia moment when I stumbled upon this pipe listing. I owned EXACTLY that pipe for many years and loved it. Unfortunately it got damaged beyond repair in an accident…

Anyways: this is a beautifully shaped (“Cornucopia” always came to my mind when I saw her) Stanwell estate pipe, and from the pictures it looks like the current owner was even more lucky than me and got one with very nice grain!

From what I remember it was a bit tricky to fill due to the lenght/diameter of the chamber, but when you got it right: very nice cool smoke and perfect draw!

You can look at more pictures and purchase it on our Stanwell estate pipe sales/auctions page. (there are more Stanwells, btw…. ;-) )

From seller’s description:

Beautiful horn shape pipe with burly grain designed by Jess Chonowitsch. Pipe is marked STANWELL ROYAL PRINCE 217 MADE IN DENMARK. Pipe has been smoked but only a few times. Pipe is otherwise uncleaned and is not polished more than you can see, so will most likely benefit from a polish and clean.

Size is head 6 cm tall, head width at top 6 / 4,8 cm, inside measure 2 cm length is 15 cm¬† ..I haven’t got an inch measurer here.

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