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Fugly or Beauty? Artsy Turkish Meerschaum Pipe is today’s pick…

Meerschaum pipes are polarizing. People love them or hate them.

What category are you in?

I usually dislike them – while they have unique smoking qualities, I prefer the look and the grip of  a nice piece of briar and zen-like perfection without any disturbing details or artificial showing-off.

But that is a matter of taste – and even I sometimes am intrigued by the possibilities a skilled carver has when shaping a pipe out of a block of meerschaum material.

A decorated Skull and a winged bat - nothing impossible for a meerschaum artist!

A decorated Skull and a winged bat – nothing impossible for a meerschaum artist!

While I was sifting through the current Ebay pipe listings, looking for a unique pipe to present here for you, this one made me laugh. At first. Then I had a closer look at the pictures and thought: WOW. This guy (Turkish master carver H.Cor) seems to know what he is doing!

Personally I still think this is a fugly piece of pipe for necrophiliacs ;-) – but a very  adorable one, stemming from a long history of skillful meerschaum pipe making in Turkey.

If you are a meerschaum lover, you will certainly be able to appreciate the beauty of the skull and bat motive and the craftsmanship that is quite obvious.

turkish meerschaum skull bowlBTW the pipe’s color comes from natural bee wax, and according to the seller they ship worldwide in a custom leather casing.

Take a closer look at this pipe while it is available and many other meerschaum pipes (there are also some other motives by the same artist) on our meerschaum pipes listings page at – CLICK HERE

…and cast your vote in the comments below  or on our Facebook page, what you think of this motive and this sort of pipe! :)

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