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Unusual handmade Kaywoodie estate pipe

Unusual carvings and BIG: our Kaywoodie pipe of the day!

Unusual carvings and BIG: our Kaywoodie pipe of the day!

Yeah, well, I know – usually it would be cheapskate Wednesday today… but I missed a couple days, so today we have a beautiful Kaywoodie estate pipe. Big, handmade, a “Hammer”, and did I mention “BIG”?

Find this one and many other Kaywoodie pipes on our Kaywoodie estate pipe listing page

Unedited ( ;-) )quote from seller’s description:

Up for Consignment Sale is a Large Large Magnum Sized HANDMADE KAYWOODIE and its Big and Must be a Lucky KAYWOODIE for it weights in at 77.7 Grams and in Vega while SMoking this Handmade entirely made by Hand in the period of 1958-1972 and dated by the Clover Club on the Tapered Kaywoodie Logo Stem that has Some Minor Tooth Chatter and a Large 2 Panel Hand amde with the Crvings on a SMooth Bowl and in the Big Big Large 2 1/4 Inches High and 6 1/2 Long Kaywoodie and for Kaywoodies thats One Momunth Jumba Sized and Rarely seen and a Beautiful Capped SMooth Rim thats Loaded with Birdseye’s and a Flaming Grain and One Clean Clean Large Large Kaywoodie Handmade and Its Big and Straight with Clear and Crisp Bowl Rim and Nomenclature and Quite Heavy and could drive some nails into your next building projects and Very Very Clean and in Great Condition 

Weight in Grams 77.7

6 1/2 inches Long 
2 1/4 Inches High Bowl
1 6/8  inches Bowl Width
3/4 inch of a Bowl Bore
Stem Length is 2 3/4 inches
All of My Consignments are Sold the Way the Owners would like it and Some Reserves and Some are Not…They are Not My Pipes to make Decision’s with
None of These Pipes have been Cleaned at All ….They Are not Show Quality Yet…I’LL Leave that for You to Do….There are Many a Great Pipe Cleaners and Restores and Pipe Repair People that Do Great Work …Give Me a Holler and I will let you know…..The Way to Get a Pipe Perfectly Done

Cheapskate Wednesday – less than a buck: Iwan Ries Danish Tobacco Pipe and Medico Ventilator Pipe

Wednesday is cheapskate day on DailyEstatePipe! Rejoice penny pinchers. Pipes for less than a buck!

Dirt cheap and at least this strange "Ventilator" pipe is worth a try!

Dirt cheap and at least this strange “Ventilator” pipe is worth a try!

Find these and many more on our page with cheap estate pipe listings that are currently less than a buck on Ebay!

Fineprint: as usual we are not the seller(s), we just pick offers from Ebay that seem to be interesting. Extremely low priced pipes might be a great catch – or expensive firewood. Up to you! :)

That said, I came across this listing: 2 (two) pipes on auction, currently less than a buck! A slim and “ok” looking Iwan Ries pipe, and a rather unconventional “Medico Ventilator” pipe with a metal part in the stem that has openings to mix the smoke with cool air…

It’s an auction, so you might end up paying a bit more than a buck, but looks like a steal to me – this funny Venti pipe alone is an eyebrow raiser.

From seller’s description:

Offering 2 used tobacco pipes. One says “Iwan Ries Denmark, 218” the other one says “Medico Ventilator” both look to be in good condition. Sold as a pair and “as is”

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